Once upon a time when I was in school, I have attended one seminar by Mr. Jamsandekar. Where he told about Mr. Bill Gates and his entrepreneurial journey to change the world in his own way. That time only I have decided I need to dent in the universe by contributing to the society. But as usual, time passes with fun and study, never happens. Never got time to think about this again.
Again I got an opportunity in my graduation last year for submission of college projects. Started making small software for people. Meanwhile, After campus interview, I joined multinational IT company. But this time with a vision to start my own company but was not getting an opportunity as such. That time I have visited my village, where a lot of my friends was still struggling for the good education which we are getting in metro cities.
Where I have founded my first NGO “YuvaLakshya” through which we taught computer programming to them. But this also not last for more years because of internet issue and working job pressure. But that entrepreneurial bug was still giving sleepless nights. Meanwhile, I got married and my life partner has also started on this mission. I have made many 6 startups like an online library, e-commerce website, software company1, 2 , 3 (with diff names… hahahaha) etc… but not last for even days. Then one day with college friends we have decided to start wedding photography and luckily I got an opportunity to shoot my friend wedding as a second photographer. We have founded Jetaime Fotography. I have left my lucrative job and from that day I have never looked back by still having many ups and downs in this journey.

This time I have not become an entrepreneur but an photopreneur and  I got a reason to Live again…

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