Almost every starting professional photographer will go for the safe option that obviously brings money and beauty at work. Yet if you really want to get your own voice heard in an overly saturated market, you must always go against the grain and become unorthodox. You have to become a rebel.

The rebel does not believe in anything except his own experience. His truth is the only truth. The rebel is not an egoist; he is utterly innocent. He simply said, ”Unless I find my own truth, all borrowed truths are only burdening me.” He will become knowledgeable with society truth but he will not be knowing anything with his own being.

The rebel person transforms into the new man. He can become his own vision, is not a dream. The rebel starts transforming his vision into reality.

Every society takes care to make the mind stronger and stronger so that if there is any conflict between heart and mind, the mind is going to win. But every victory of the mind over the heart is a misery. It is a victory over your nature, over your being, over you by others. And they have utilized your mind to serve their purpose.

I am not telling you to rebel against this society. And I am not telling you either, to rebel against all that they have put inside you. If you rebel against your own mind it will be a reaction, not a rebellion. Note the difference a reaction is out of anger, a reaction is violent. In reaction, you become blind with rage. In a reaction, you start moving to the other extreme.

Rebellion is pure understanding. You simply understand what is the case. Then you no loner neurotically obsessed with any of the things, that’s all. One should not be obsessed with anything, because obsession is ill.

Become rebel to challenge everything in life and strive for happiness, success and much more.

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