“A monk may be a person who decides to dedicate his life to serving all other living beings.”- Wikipedia

so here I am, to reflect on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives – complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, passion, career and relationships.

Though I run this site, it is not mine. It’s ours. It’s not about me. It’s about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful and useful as mine.

I am writing this introduction with a true feeling of excitement! Taking on this blogging project has been on my to-do list for over several years.  But every time I tried to tackle it, I didn’t feel ready. I wanted to write a blog that was not only going to propel you to become a higher skilled wedding storyteller but about happiness and freedom the journey towrds your root also, regardless of whether you are  a beginner or a veteran wedding photographer or in any other field. I was determined to cater all levels, and I knew there was a way. I just had to find it. I discovered a new respect for the phrase “easier said than done.”

What I did not want to do was write another blog that tells you about the “must-have shot list” or advice you to make sure you take a close-up of the rings during the ceremony, or worse, instructs you not to forget the traditional photo of the bride looking down, contemplating her bangels. You get the idea, right? I was not going to write a single word until I felt I had something unique that could really help wedding photographers around the world who were determined and hungry for knowledge, regardless of skill level or experience.

And its a good thing, because I discovered you cant write a blog on wedding photography without discussing composition, posing, lighting, photojournalism, people skills and other story telling approaches that create a beautiful, cohesive and comprehensive storyline throughout a wedding. Go figure. The crazy thing is that, during the course of shooting a wedding , all of this photographic elements are thrown at you at the same time! it’s not a linear process; it’s all at once, every time, and it’s constantly changing! how fun is that?

I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a wedding photographer. The photographic prints that result from our work become the most important possessions in a persons life. What we do matters! In a world where everyone with a smartphone is a photographer, I believe that excelling in the skills required to be a real wedding photographer is more important than ever. I wrote this blog with that belief in mind.

For example, people skills are often regarded as second in importance in most photography disciplines, but in wedding photography, having great people skills can make the difference between doing well in this industry or being a total train wreck. People skills are a vital part of what it means to be a successful wedding photographer

It is my hope that the fotomonk will serve as a comprehensive guide to your inner journey  with all aspects wedding photography and the business of being a wedding photographer

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