Before the wedding begins, there’s plenty to get in order. The following checklist what we have experienced till date. So it will be helpful to you .

  1. Sync your cameras

Syncing your cameras (lead, 2nd shooter, 3rd shooter) at the beginning of the day saves time in post and ensures that moments appear in the catalog chronologically as the event was captured.2.

              2. Communicate team positions

Make sure each member of your team knows where to stand during the ceremony. No two shooters should occupy the same space at the same time unless one is shooting wide while another is getting a tighter crop, which is common for capturing the Varmala/Saptapadi moment.

              3. Charged Batteries and spare in pocket

As it says keep it charged and keep spare with every team member. Carry battery charger.

             4. Formatted memory card and spare in pocket

Capture every wedding on a freshly formatted card if possible. You will not get confused with other wedding data. Keep spare in the pocket.

            5. Lenses/accessories at the ready on a person

You don’t want to have to run back to your gears bag to grab a lens in the middle of a ceremony; keep your go-to lenses on your person in a handy bag or pouch.

           6. Exposure + white balanced synced

All shooters should communicate their exposure and white balance for consistency in the post. Since every lens carries a different stop of light. In other words, zooming in and out can affect your exposure.

           7. Communicate movement with videographers

Communicating with a videographer, whether they’re a part of your team or not, should minimize the number of times you block one another’s shots.

           8. Know the wedding muhurta

Ask the officiant what is the wedding muhurta> So you will be aware at that time and capture the important moment go wedding,

           9. Reach before time

Reach always 30 mins. before actual time, So you will have to time to plan. You can check the venue thoroughly so the team can take position while shooting. Check the plugs to setup your lights

          10. Bring spare clothes

Bring spare clothes as a backup for long duration weddings

            11. Clothing should be decent and not get highlighted

Your wearing should be synced with your team and should be decent. Don’t wear clothes which will highlight you in the crowd. E.g.Either go black or if it is a traditional wedding you can go with some colorful traditional wear so you can get mixed up with guests.

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