Myth 1. High-end gears and technology only can make your photos look professional
but Fact is
Minimal types of equipment basic and useful gears can fetch you good results provided you are professional and a skilled photographer
The sense of photography plays an important role
Investing in Skills and art of photography creates more impact and acceptance than investing your time and money on a high tech gear
Even a picture taken from an iPhone would create an impact if clicked at a proper timing and in a sensible manner
Myth 2. Bigger the team bigger the impact and quality of images 
but Fact is
In reality smaller and compact teams generate more quality than a bigger team
Bigger teams invite more coordination, confusions, duplications, huge data management etc
Whereas a compact team of skilled professionals knows exactly where to employ the resources so as to fetch maximum results and quality output
Myth 3. Photos need Extreme editing photoshop as to attract the clients 
but Fact is
Investing time on enhancing skills rather than extreme editing the images makes it more sensible for any photography business
As we all know editing takes a huge amount of time and efforts
Over a period of time photographers should learn the techniques of taking the right shots at the right moment
Setting up an environment for proper shots is very essential
For eg. Lights backgrounds costumes of a bridegroom and close family members etc play a crucial role in fetching a perfect shot
Explaining the clients regularly about your specific requirements necessary for any event is a must and should be done well in advance so as to save time on editing for colors brightness etc
Timely checks on the decor lightings and background etc at the venue should be done so as to ensure proper photography environment at the time of the shoot
If you are a small team and wish to grow your business all you need have the right know-how and the right skills
Always be a learner in all stage of life
Every new venture/event will teach you something new
Be open to new learnings and changes at all times

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