Remember that a great wedding photograph is a result of a combination of many different elements, all well executed at the same time. I realize there is a lot to keep track of, but unfortunately becoming great wedding photographer is not easy, and it does require your brain to be fully engaged and able to keep track of many photographic techniques while under pressure and time constraints.

Wedding photography is purely based on the following three parts

  1. Foundation components

This addresses the most critical issues and challenges regarding locations and people. This has the highest impact on your photography.

Circumstantial light, removing clutters, compositional elements, being professional, situational approach to posing and many more things come under this roof

     2. Storyteller Approach Components

This will deal with how you choose to tell the story. This skill what makes you a director of the “wedding movie”, if you will. Many people realize that a movie is a story that has been shot from many different perspectives, which are seamlessly stitched together. When done correctly, viewers hardly notice the angles and perspectives, but they become completely and emotionally enthralled by the story. That is precisely the goal of the storyteller approach.

      3. Expert Components

This section will evaluate your work to a world-class level. The greater your skill when executing this element the more beautiful and top-notch your photographs will be. Great wedding photography depends heavily upon the stories, connections, and relationships of the people who are most important to the bride and groom. Awareness of these relationships will keep you constantly thinking about creative ways to include “emotionally Valuable people” skill within your composition and reveal a story through photographs.

What separates a normal wedding photographer from a renowned wedding photographer is how skilled he or she is when executing many of the elements in this section particularly the expert components. When I am approaching a wedding, I am constantly thinking about how I can add a combination of expert components to my photographs. Most likely, time will not be on your side, so being able to quickly implement the expert component is the key. To keep things lighthearted and fun, I actually consider using the expert components as an earning bonus point in the game. They are not completely necessary to photograph a wedding, but if you want to be a great wedding photographer the expert components will certainly help you.

I will share detail study of components in our journey.

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