Destination Weddings are super fun to shoot and it’s always exciting to travel to a new location. As a traveler / adventurous photographers this may be a golden opportunity but is it really worth as business?

  1. Travelling with your gears

Most destination weddings require you to fly on a plane, and with this comes the restrictions to carry-on luggage and checking precious cargo. You have to really consider what gear is important, which of it is fragile and needs to be in your carry-on, and what gear can hopefully make the journey in a checked bag. Truthfully, you should avoid checking gear at all costs. Checked baggage is constantly getting lost, being put onto another plane or doesn’t make your connecting flight (if you have one—you can always book direct, but sometimes connections are unavoidable). So, anything you decide to check also needs to include items that you can realistically work without.

        2. You will earn more by shooting locally

  In India, most of the times weddings are based on muhurtas and that comes much time continuously. You can shoot more weddings locally rather than traveling and earn definitely better than a destination wedding.

Most destination wedding photographers have their normal rates and charge these rates plus the cost of travel. The cost of travel varies but usually includes transportation cost and two to three nights at the same location where the couple is staying. 

        3.Communication and culture study

India is a very diverse country, Different regions have their own distinct cultures. So the study of culture and their communication is required to make it smooth wedding shoot

        4. Data safety in traveling

Wedding data is really precious. Its safety should be on your top list. Copying and keeping wedding data at multiple storage locations are must for destination weddings

        5.Surprise taxes/charges at venue  shooting location

Before giving a quotation to the client you have to study venue or shoot location charges if any. So according to you can charge your client

        6.You have to travel with limited manpower

You have to travel with limited manpower resource. Since your budget will restrict sometime. Locally you may have chances to get extra emergency help, but at the destination wedding, you have to make it best whatever you have

        7. Bargain with the client that sucks

Every Client has their own budget and always want everything at less. Travelling, accommodation and many more things to include in the package will make the budget looking like a big monster for the client. So to make it a fair deal for both it is like roller coaster ride


Yes, destination wedding photography is awesome—exploring the new cultures and adventures is beyond what words can describe, and you get paid to do it.

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