He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. – Raymond Hull

When I began my business I would work with anyone who had a pulse and a checkbook. Then I began to consider what it would mean to choose my clients. For maximum joy, prosperity and abundance, think about the person you are when you are performing optimally when you are with all the people who inspire you.

Now think about all of the frustration, tension, and anxiety you feel when you work with clients who are less than ideal- not so good, right?

Then “Dump your clients”

We are referring here dead duck. Not all of your clients. It sounds harsh but thinks about it. Your dead duck are those you dread interacting with, who drain the life out of you, bore you to tears, frustrate you, or worse, install in you the desire to do them, or yourself, bodily harm, despite your loving nature.

I am well aware of the many reasons you think you can’t dump your dead duck, and I know this can seem really scary early on, but hang in there with me. Why have clients or anyone for that matters in your life who zap your energy and leave you feeling empty?

Ask yourself, “Would I spend days working with incredibly amazing, exciting, super cool, awesome people who are both clients and friends, or spend more painful minutes working with barely tolerable clients who suck the life out of me?”

I too had no choice. In first meeting only we started dump this dead duck. I knew the temporary financial loss would be worth the payoff.

Identify the type of clients you don’t want. Consider which characteristics, a behavior you refuse to tolerate. What turns you off and shuts you down?

E.g. If your main skill is a photojournalistic approach to wedding, then avoid the clients who are focusing on just traditional shoots and giving importance to camera toys. This thing will really piss off.

Reference from the book  “Book yourself solid” – Michael Port

1 thought on “Why Dumping Painful Clients Will Change Your Life”

  1. Yes indeed it’s a tough job handling the clinets that don’t understand your concept and idea of photography
    All they need is a traditional approach and not the artistic/modern lookout of photography ..
    Better concentrate on the client those who understand Art and could relate to the modern way of capturing emotions and expressions via a beautiful conceptual photography ..

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